The Zebra Boat by Dimitri Bez Lives up to its Name

If you enjoy modern yet classic boat designs, you will love the Zebra Boat. Designed by industrial engineer Dimitri Bez, this timeless vessel was inspired by the 1947 Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat.

Bez is a multi-talented designer, who has created a number of unique concepts. His work is often reminiscent of the “less is more” principle of design. His design philosphy is evident in the design of the Zebra Boat. It is very minimal in design with clean, uncluttered lines.

zebra boat a multi talented design

The Zebra is unique among boats today as it is powered by an electric motor. Although the majority of boats today are powered by diesel, gasoline or sail power, electric power is not new in the world of boating. Back in the early 1900s, electric power was the most popular type of propulsion for boats. Electric engines fell out of favour in the 1920s when internal engine combustion and gas-powered engines became more popular. Since the energy crisis in the 1970s, interest in electric boats has risen dramatically. Electric is both practical and environmentally-friendly. It is also a low-impact, quiet form of propulsion.

zebra boat digital root display

The cockpit of the Zebra Boat is outfitted with retro controls, and an OLED touchscreen tablet is located on the dashboard. The touchscreen tablet provides navigation support but can also double as a video screen when the vessel is stationary. This speedboat is outfitted with a classic dark orange interior enhancing the vintage look. The Zebra is built for the boater who appreciates both excellent design and innovation.

Check it out

zebra boat in the sea

zebra boat speed

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