SERAC is a Non-Disposable Approach to Outerwear

SERAC, a Norwegian outerwear company, promises to create products of character and quality. They make an interesting point by posing the argument that many of the products, especially clothes, that we rely on in today’s world devalue at such a rate that they are largely disposable. SERAC envisions creating outerwear that you’ll keep with you throughout your lifetime.

serac focuse long black  jacket

To achieve that mission, SERAC focuses on comfort largely by keeping freedom of movement and convenience at the forefront. They’re very open about their approach of keeping pretension out of their products. Instead, they want their clothes to speak for themselves as they take on the characteristics of their owner through repeated use.

serac  jacket manufacturing company northern italy

According to SERAC’s website, normal high-end jackets take up to three to five hours to assemble. A SERAC jacket, on the other hand, takes upwards of eight. That doubling of manufacturing time comes from paying attention to the little details that give their jackets their longevity. The other aspect of that longevity is the material they use. Through a partnership with a renowned manufacturing company in Northern Italy, SERAC has been able to obtain a material that can hold up to the most strenuous use.

hoodie serac focuse long black  jacket

SERAC plans on only running limited editions of each style. Specifically, they will only produce 100 units of each style. Each unit will also have a unique serial number. Given the long-term use and the limited quantity, these items of outerwear will definitely be something you hold onto, not something you replace each year.

serac focuse long black jacket back side

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