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7 Ways to Optimise and Boost Your Libido

Some things get better with age but your libido is rarely one of them. In fact, most studies suggest that male libido peaks in early to mid-adolescence, when testosterone levels are at an all-time high. It’s then no wonder that so many men seek ways to boost their libido as they reach their mid-30s and beyond. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sexual fantasies?

Should you be one of those men, we have you covered with the following pointers. They were gathered in partnership with sexual wellness company Promescent. While best known for their popular and effective delay spray, the brand also provides a host of additional bedroom boosters, including lubricants, supplements, contraceptives, and massage oils. Follow this link and new customers will receive 15% off their order.

What good are delay sprays and lubricants if my libido is shot? You may ask. Don’t worry because we didn’t forget about you. Here are 7 ways to optimise and boost your libido for men and women alike.

What is Libido?

Not to be confused with one’s sexual satisfaction, arousal, or performance (though all are related), libido represents the fantasy-based or psychological component of your sex drive. Despite its cognitive connotations, however, libido still has physiological aspects through its connection to hormone levels and physical fitness.

According to a number of studies, male libido is typically at its strongest when one is in his mid-teens through to his 20s and early 30s, gradually decreasing around the age of 35. By contrast, female libido tends to peak when one is in her late 20s through to her 30s and even early 40s.

While it can (and will) naturally wane as one ages, libido is often bolstered or inhibited by a number of external factors or lifestyle choices. To keep your sex fantasies at full thrust, you should examine everything from your diet to your hormone levels to your quality of sleep, to name just a few potential factors.

7 Ways to Boost Your Libido

Who’s ready to give their libido a proper boost?! Here are some ways to do it.

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1. VitaFLUX

Unlike a swath of overhyped counterparts, VitaFLUX actually delivers on its promise of increasing male or female libido. It comes to us from Promescent and takes a scientific approach to sexual desire. Use as directed to experience not just a healthier libido, but increased orgasm satisfaction and stronger erections as well. The mighty supplement has also been known to boost energy and circulation, function as a natural lubricant in women, and even expedite recovery times after injury or exercise.

To understand how VitaFLUX works you must first understand the endothelium, a 1-cell thick organ inside the body that lines your cardiovascular system and promotes healthy blood flow. The endothelium also regulates hormonal and chemical production through its communication with nitric oxide ‘bubbles.’ With increased nitric oxide production comes improved cardiovascular health and stronger libido.

VitaFLUX consists of USP-verified pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, including the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. When both amino acids are ‘digested’ by the endothelium, they’re converted into substances such as nitric oxide. The supplement also contains zinc to promote and support healthy testosterone production. Put it all together and you get 2-3x the amount of libido-boosting ingredients than other leading brands.

Check out some benefits of the Vitaflux:

  • Increased libido in both men & women
  • Increased orgasm satisfaction
  • Increased erection strength
  • Maintains healthy testosterone levels in men
  • Faster recovery times from illness, injury, or exercise
  • Boost energy & circulation
  • Increased natural lubrication for women.

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2. Eat Certain Foods

Your diet affects pretty much every aspect of your life, libido being no exception. While the science is vague at best, there’s no harm in making supposed libido-boosters part of your daily regimen. The good news is that a number of reported aphrodisiacs are quite tasty. Some of them also deliver much-needed vitamins and minerals to your system.

Here are a few examples:

  • certain fruits such as figs, avocado, and bananas
  • dark chocolate
  • daily herbs such as garlic and basil

3. Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

According to research, one or even two drinks may actually increase libido. But four or five drinks? That’s when you’ll start to notice a serious dip in your sex drive, which isn’t to mention performance issues like erectile dysfunction. They don’t call it “whiskey dick” for nothing.

Frankly, you can file this one under “common sense.” Even if you turn into a sexually-charged Superman when wasted, the effects of consistent alcohol consumption will wear you down over time. Stick to an occasional glass of wine or dram of whiskey instead.

4. Get Enough Sleep

There’s really no way to overstate the importance of quality sleep. Try to go to bed around the same time each night and settle for nothing less than 7 to 8 hours. When you don’t get enough sleep overnight, take a short nap during the day. A well-rested mind and body is a healthy mind and body, meaning you’ll be more productive during waking hours. Period.

5. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is so common in modern life that you may think of it as unavoidable. As true as that may be, there are still plenty of ways to manage or reduce your stress levels.

Start by taking a hard look at yourself to determine where the bulk of your stress is coming from. Maybe you’re stuck in a toxic relationship. Maybe it’s a work-related issue. Maybe it’s your kids. It’s only once you’ve diagnosed the problem that you can go about reversing it.

Here are some popular ways to manage stress:

  • meditation
  • therapy
  • exercise
  • proper sleep
  • creating a set schedule or routine and sticking to it
  • eliminating negative people or influences from your life

6. Exercise

Here’s another no-brainer solution that tackles a full spectrum of health-related issues, not just the sexual ones. Find the fitness regimen that works for you and keep it going for as long as humanly possible. Perhaps it’s a regular hike or jog, or a frequent game of tennis. Try to locate an exercise routine that you actually enjoy so that you can sustain it over time, thereby reaping a host of benefits.

7. Check Your Medicine Cabinet

While your libido is namely psychological in nature, that doesn’t mean you aren’t inhibiting it through physiological means. For example, certain medications have been known to impair one’s sex drive on both mental and physical levels. Talk to your doctor to see if maybe your current medication is disrupting your libido, and what can be done about it.


No two people are exactly the same nor are their sex drives. What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. Evaluate your lifestyle habits and daily choices from every conceivable angle before moving forward with a potential solution. Maybe you’re eating well but on a certain medication. Maybe you’re drinking too much.

On the other hand, maybe you just need to boost nitric oxide or testosterone levels. Check out Promescent, a sexual wellness company that helps couples have longer-lasting and more enjoyable intimacy. Founded and backed by the medical community, they offer safe and innovative solutions to the most common sexual problems.

With its targeted ingredients, Promescent’s VitaFLUX supplement may be just the libido-booster you’ve been looking for. Take as directed to whip your sex drive into shape, simultaneously experiencing better orgasms, stronger erections, improved circulation, and other amazing benefits. Use this link and new customers will receive 15% off. Here’s to getting back in the saddle!

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