pornhub's top 10 most active countries list

Australia Ranks in Pornhub’s Top 10 Most Active Countries List

Pornhub is the site that keeps on giving. Not only does it provide us with a wealth of interesting and diverse entertainment any time day or night, it also provides us with comprehensive statistics on the use of its site, that we might better understand this world we live in.

The Pornhub End of Year Review is a boon to anyone who wants to get a grip (sorry) on the usage trends of porn-lovers (ie everyone) of the world. As it turns out, it can also provide a fillip for anyone seeking to boost their sense of national pride.

One of the most interesting stats in the review is the Top 20 Countries By Traffic, those nations whose citizens spent the most time enjoying Pornhub’s myriad delights in 2018. Counting down from No. 1, those nations are: the USA (by, like, a LOT); the UK; India; Japan; Canada; France; Germany; Italy; and…Australia.

Yep, Australia! Our plucky little southern hemisphere paradise has maintained its place in the Pornhub Top 10 and remains one of the planet’s premier porn-appreciating locations. If that doesn’t make your heart and certain other organs swell with pride, I don’t know what will.

It’s just nice to see a feelgood story in the news, isn’t it? Australia has long prided itself on punching above its weight, and here is proof that, even if our cricketers and rugby players aren’t quite up to the task anymore, our keyboard self-satisfiers sure are. Advance Australia Fair!