Being Bad With Money Means You’re 10 Times More Likely to Be Dumped

Bad news, guys: your love of recklessly throwing money around in a bid to impress the ladies may well end up having the opposite effect, as a survey reveals that being bad with money vastly increases your chances of being dumped.

Yep, you might have thought that the way to keep your relationship strong was to pay little heed to financial security and let money slip through your hands like water – after all, who wants to be with a penny-pincher? – but the research says otherwise.

Insurance company Policygenius surveyed 2000 people to find their attitudes towards money in relationships. Eleven percent of those who believe their partner to be bad with money said they planned to break up with them. Sure, 11 percent doesn’t sound so much, but only one percent of those who believe their partner to be money-savvy also described their intentions to end it.

Clearly, displaying ineptitude in financial matters puts a real strain on relationships. Also, a surprising number of people are willing to tell an insurance company about their future relationship plans.

The survey also found that people are more likely to think their partner has shaky finances if they don’t know the details of those finances, suggesting that for a secure relationship, you should be upfront about how well you’re doing on the money front.

Either that or just make sure you’re so rich it doesn’t matter, of course.