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The Perfect Couples Sex Toy Guide

In Partnership with LELO

It’s no secret that the passions and desires of fresh romance can invariably fade over time. And yet there’s no trust like the one that two people can develop over the course of a long-term relationship. In fact, it’s precisely the long-term nature of these relationships that allow for new modes of experimentation and intimacy. Enter the modern sex toy and its ability to strengthen emotional and physical bonds alike, forging an entirely newfound connection between you and someone you thought you already knew so well.

Of course, not all sex toys are created equal. For some of the smartest and sleekest examples, look no further than the ones from sexual wellness company LELO. This brand has evolved in tandem with its respective niche market to develop some of the world’s best couple’s vibrators, which are crafted from body-safe materials and bolstered by advanced technology. Check out our following gift guide and take 25% off each of the featured sex toys by using the code MANOFMANY25. Welcome to the new frontier of epic pleasure and intimacy.

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Couple’s Sex Toy Gift Guide

Presenting four signature sex toys that can help reignite the spark of passion, pleasure, and desire between you and your romantic partner. Each one is currently available at 25% off when you use the code MANOFMANY25. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or some special occasion when you can be having better sex now. One might call this a true gift guide for all seasons! Here we go.

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Soft, flexible, and controllable via wireless remote, the TIANI Duo sex toy for couples bends to suit all body shapes. As a direct result, the superlative sex toy helps cultivate harmonious couples’ orgasms and the stronger emotional bonds that go along with them. It uses two vibrating motors and various pleasure patterns to provide a dual sensation—both inside and out—and encourage all kinds of physical exploration. This is your gateway to connectivity in every possible sense of the concept and it’s a perfect (gift) sex toy for couples.

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TIANI Harmony

With its dual motors and ten pleasure patterns, the TIANI Harmony couple vibrator is a product that truly lives up to its name. Sync it with the LELO smartphone app for seamless control before getting busy with your partner in the bedroom. In the same spirit as TIANI Duo, this couples sex toy works on all body shapes and helps increase every type of conceivable bond between the participants. Harmony, indeed.

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Don’t you dare call this sleek sex toy a cock ring because it’s so much more than that. Crafted from smooth silicone and designed for true pleasure connoisseurs, TOR 3 pleasure ring uses eight settings to generate enhanced sensations for both partners during intercourse. Effortless and intuitive app control makes an already great (thing) penis ring that much greater.

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IDA Wave

One of LELO‘s most beloved vibrators, the IDA Wave app-controlled vibrator dual uses patented Wavemotion technology for internal stimulation whilst providing gentle but precise (vibrations to the clitoris) clitoral stimulation. It’s primarily targeted toward female users but partners can still participate by taking manual control or app control over the product, making it an effective couples toy as well. And when we say “effective,” we’re talking about some of the best orgasms of her life!

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Score 25% Off LELO Sex Toys

Whether you want to rekindle romance or boost intimacy or just experience new modes of body-rocking pleasure, LELO definitely has you covered. This brand has simply mastered the art of the modern sex toys, making it easier than ever before to experiment with yourself or a partner. Scope their stellar output and use the code MANOFMANY25 to get 25% off your purchase. You’ll be glad you did. Both of you!