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What Eric Andre’s Steamy Fling with Emily Ratajkowski Can Teach Us Average Joes

Ah, the age-old question: how do the less-than-gorgeous folks manage to land themselves a goddess? We’ve all heard the typical advice: flaunt your wealth, show off your muscles, and pretend to be interested in their hobbies (even if you don’t know what the heck “quidditch” is). But what if we told you there’s a simpler way to win over your dream partner? That’s right, the ultimate key to capturing someone’s heart could be as easy as being a silly goose, aka funny. And who better to prove this dating theory than the king of absurdity, Eric André?

Recently, the comedian revealed his relationship with supermodel Emily Ratajkowski in a way only he could. The couple has been spotted together all around New York City and even sat courtside at a Knicks game. But it was on Valentine’s Day that they took their relationship to the next level with a very Eric André-esque Instagram post.

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In the photo, André is seen lounging on a small sofa with a glass of wine in his hand, wearing nothing but a heart emoji over his nether regions. Meanwhile, in the background, Ratajkowski strikes a pose for a mirror selfie while wearing nothing at all – but artfully covering her chest with one arm. This bold move by André is perfectly on-brand for the comedian, who is known for his fearless and absurdist brand of humour. It’s no surprise that Ratajkowski, who has never shied away from shedding her clothes in the past, was drawn to André’s unique jocularity.

The Instagram post caused quite a stir, with many celebrities commenting on the photo. Rapper Killer Mike wrote, “That Boy Ball’N!!!! 😂😂😂😂,” while comedian Nikki Glaser chimed in with a hearty “Hell yes.” Music producer Benny Blanco, on the other hand, teased André by saying, “Remove the arrow or delete this,” before adding, “Wait, is that @emrata in the back?” We have to give it to André – he certainly knows how to make a statement.

But let’s get to the real question: how did André snag someone like Ratajkowski? T Well, the answer is simple: he’s a certified goofball. His bold and zany brand of comedy is like catnip for beautiful women, and Emily couldn’t resist his quirky charm. It’s not just a fluke either – let’s not forget that his Emrats previous lover was SNL funnyman Pete Davidson, whose previous conquests include the likes of Cazzie David to Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian. So if you’re looking to catch the eye of a gorgeous gal, don’t be afraid to let your inner clown shine. Just remember: with great silliness comes great responsibility.

Now, we’re not saying that being funny is a guaranteed ticket to scoring a supermodel. But it certainly can’t hurt your chances! Eric André and Emily Ratajkowski are just one example of how a good sense of humour can be a powerful tool in the game of love. So if you’re not exactly a ten in the looks department, don’t sweat it. Let your funny side shine, and who knows – you might end up like Eric André, lounging on a sofa with a supermodel by your side, wearing nothing but a heart emoji over your privates.


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