Study Reveals the Best Exercises to Up Your Bedroom Game

James Cook University may have just become your best friend. If you struggle with performance issues in the bedroom, or even if you’re just looking to up your game, then you’ll want to take note of the best exercises you can do to improve your performance.

The university suggests doing a targeted pelvic workout to help build muscle strength and manage sexual dysfunction. The workout focuses on strengthening and engaging the muscle responsible for building and keeping penile rigidity. Here’s how you do it. First, learn to identify which muscle needs strengthening by stopping urination midstream or by drawing your testicles upward.

Once you know which muscle it is, flex that muscle periodically throughout the day.

The recommendation comes as a result of JCU physiology lecturer Chris Myers trying to help a patient. “I did some research and pelvic exercise has been very successful for some patients. Patient cure rates were as high as 47 per cent for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and 83 per cent for PE (Premature Ejaculation).

“Society seems to look for a quick fix. It’s like any form of exercise—if there is a pill or a magic potion, a lot of people will take that option. Pelvic floor exercises to prevent ED and PE are a non-invasive and a cheaper option than traditional methods.”

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