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MysteryVibe’s Tenuto is a Two-Player, Hands-On Experience for Your Genitals

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There is just something to be said about the wondrous joy of pleasure. What’s more, the sense of connection that comes from a synchronised pleasurable experience. Think ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’:

‘Are you feeling what I’m feeling B1?’. ‘I’m definitely feeling what you’re feeling B2’.

One thing we’ve definitely been feeling is the sensation of MysteryVibe’s new Tenuto couples vibrator, a two-player, non-stop, fool-proof, feel-good experience for all genitals. We spent a week with the all-new pleasure device, and here’s what we found.



The journey starts straight out of the box, with enough battery power to deliver good vibes immediately. However, to get the maximum benefit from the two-hour running time capability, charge the tenuto up beforehand. While you’re there, definitely make sure your smartphone has battery too, because the live control from the free app is essential.

The Tenuto is user friendly the whole way down. Downloading the adjoining app and synchronising the device is straightforward and simple. Even a pre-play-panic of losing your phone won’t throw off the pleasure. Synchronisation is seamless and you’ll be connected without trouble within a minute!

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Fitting the Tenuto to the wearer may take a few attempts and a few tugs on pubic hair, but once up and running, you will forget all about it. Additionally, the position playbook has handy hints for getting the toy in place and what possibilities are in-store. Thankfully, the design is welcoming to penis owners of various proportions, as it is bendable and customisable. While it may be flexible and soft, the Tenuto has structure and stimulation features for both partners to enjoy, unlike the average penis ring.

Although it may appear like this toy is designed for the penis owner to reap most of the reward, the Tenuto is very much mutually enjoyable, delivering far beyond the penis. For vulvas, the Tenuto delivers powerful clitoral stimulation through direct contact with the device and the wearer, perfect for pleasurable experiences and intensified orgasms.

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Once you’re familiar with how to use it, The Tenuto is the kind of toy that doesn’t interrupt the mood or throw off the erotic feng shui of the moment, as some other toys do. The Tenuto allows for the one with the smartphone to be the puppet master of pleasure delivering the customised vibrations across important areas of both partners genitals and erogenous zones.

Just flick through on your smartphone, select from the 12 preset vibrations, with 16 levels of intensity and feel your way to your favourite. Playing with the control app is a huge part of the fun in tailoring the sensation to desires, and can be used to deliver sensations even from 10 metres away!

Better yet, the tenuto is ergonomic, adaptable, easy to clean, and even works perfectly while wearing a condom. Tick tick tick. The Tenuto is the toy that can really help users to engage in pleasurable sexual experiences without just the end outcome in mind. The simultaneous sensations through the six motors, various vibrations and pulsations allow each moment to be just as pleasurable as the last and for longer-lasting fun to be had.

From the sleek packaging to the multitude of pulsating vibrations, the fun and futuristic functionality that is the ‘Tenuto’ by MysteryVibe allows for simultaneous sensation and promising pleasure. Trust us, if you can use a smartphone, have a penis or a vulva, and have access to the Tenuto, the pleasure within the sheets – or shower – is all yours! Take your orgasms to the next level.

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