ohmibod creates a sex toy app

OhMiBod Creates a Sex Toy App for the Apple Watch

What’s your greatest wish for the future of technology? If you said, “A workable solution to climate change”, you’re a damn liar. If you said, “A sex toy app for my Apple watch“, yes, I thought as much.

Well, consider your sci-fi fantasies come true: here comes (ha!) OhMiBod! The new saucy product that is as arousing as it is confusing. OhMiBod launched in 2006 with the iPod vibrator and since then has established itself as a world leader in what its website calls “technology-focused pleasure products that boast features such as wireless remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and triple stimulation”.

Sounds pretty good, right? The key here is that OhMiBod enables you to pleasure your partner remotely. The free app includes three modes – Touch, Tap and pre-set patterns – with which you can control your partner’s vibrator from anywhere.

Only if your partner logs and agrees to play with you, of course: you can’t just seize control of vibrators willy-nilly. You can also share pictures and chat over the app, and OhMiBod includes the handy Oh!Dometer, which allows you to track your orgasms. Like the Steps app, only, you know, more fun.

As usual, the sex toy industry is at the cutting-edge of technological innovation, and it’s just another reminder that for all its flaws, this is a wonderful world.

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