Pornhub Announces “LifePlan”

Sometimes the only way to deal with Life’s curve-balls is to spank the monkey. Ain’t no shame in it. For hard times and sticky situations, Pornhub has got you covered with its “LifePlan” membership service.

From November 29 – December 2 2019 fans could purchase LifePlan for a one-time fee of USD $299. This would give them access to access to Pornhub Premium, which provides well over 125,000 premium videos that are available in addition to the standard Pornhub library.

If that’s not enough to crack the nut, here’s the rest of the game-plan. First, you’re gonna have an ad-free experience in life. Essential. Then you’re gonna not waste another second, thanks to faster video streaming. And depending on the occasion, you’re gonna experience it in an array of formats and dimensions: 1080p, 4K and virtual reality.

“What’s hotter than a freshly fried latke and better than cuddling up to your yuletide cutie by the fire? A lifetime membership to Pornhub Premium. Bring some cheer this holiday season and give the gift that keeps on giving,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub.

Pornhub also released a promotional video for LifePlan, inspired by lifecycles depicted in traditional life insurance advertisements. It shows people going through everyday life and stresses the importance of choosing the right companion – LifePlan – to share in the happy moments and give you a hand in the bad.

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