Science Says Farting is Good for Your Marriage

So this is…good news? For some of us, at any rate. A survey by Mic has found that farting is a significant part of cementing a strong relationship.

The survey asked respondents at what point in their relationship they felt comfortable letting it rip in front of their partner, and found that “most wait between two and six months into a relationship, which also happens to be prime ‘I love you’ time.”

Now, correlation is not causation, so we’re not saying that farting in front of each other is actually what causes true love. But there seems strong evidence that it’s part of taking a relationship to the next level, albeit a part that is rarely a part of the average rom-com plot.

It shouldn’t really be surprising: establishing a long-term relationship is all about finding a higher level of comfort with that special someone than you experience with the rest of the populace. And what expresses comfort better than the open release of gas? OK, there might be a few things, but there’s no doubt that’s a decent indicator.

So there you have it: science says that farting in front of your beloved is not crude or vulgar, but a sign that your relationship is in great health. Which isn’t to say you should overdo it.