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‘Scrotox’ is Literally Botox for Your Balls

You’ve probably heard of Botox, the fun procedure whereby you can have a dangerous toxin injected into your face to make yourself look either more attractive or more frighteningly intense, depending on your taste. But did you know you can also get Botox injected into your scrotum?

And having heard this news, are you now eager to have it done to YOU? No? Well, let’s explore the story and see if you change your mind.

You see, Scrotox – clever name, right? – is a simple procedure involving you spending $1,000 to get 55 injections into the muscle under your scrotal skin. At those prices, can you afford NOT to be Scrotoxed?

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Well yes, you can. But some guys have a very good reason for dropping a grand on the old sack-needles. Those guys, unfortunately, have too-tight scrotums, causing pain and discomfort and making the relief afforded by the Scrotox-induced relaxation of the sack worth it.

However, in recent years Scrotox has become more popular as a purely cosmetic procedure, which does raise a lot of questions about the mindset of the modern male, none of them flattering. For a start it’s good news that we’re finally fighting the scourge of damaging body image that has affected women for so many years by making sure men suffer from it as well.

But you do have to wonder about the sort of man who’d spend a thousand bucks to get repeatedly jabbed in the nuts in order to show a more attractive scrotum to his partner. You have to wonder about the sort of woman for whom an un-Scrotoxed set would be a deal-breaker.

What’s more, the effects are only temporary, so remember lads, before you get yourself Scrotoxed: are you ready for a lifelong commitment?