Study Finds People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex

Well, this surely can’t be good news. The Kinsey Institute has revealed the results of research that indicate using emojis will improve your chances of having sex.

The only question is: is it really worth it?

Apparently, the study of 5,000 people found that while emojis had no impact on one’s prospects of getting a first date, slinging a few of them your potential amour’s way gave you a better shot at a second date, as well as making it more likely you’d get a kiss, making it more likely you’d get…well, more than a kiss, and making it more likely you’d establish a long-term relationship.

Which seems a hell of a lot of influence being brought to bear by the humble smiley and its assortment of cutesy digital comrades, but who are we to argue with science?

The authors of the study wrote that ” the use of emojis allows daters to communicate important effective information to potential partners which facilitates successful intimate connection and more romantic and sexual opportunities”, which all sounds great, but surely there are some couples who manage to communicate just with, like, words?

The important thing to note is that researchers did not examine the question of which emojis are the most effective at getting you into someone else’s pants. So while some may believe a love heart or hug emoji is more likely to get you some action than a crocodile or a slice of pizza, that remains pure speculation.