Tinder Goes Professional with Ripple

No doubt you’re familiar with Tinder. Get ready for the dating app to improve your professional life with Ripple.

Tinder revolutionized connecting people in the digital world with their dating app. That means they learned a thing or two about how to network and bring people together. That expertise is now being put to use to create a professional network for its users.

Functionality appears to be the same. Ripple provides potential connections based on your industry and skill set, then you swipe to request a connection. You can also create or join groups and events with people who have similar interests. You can also use the Nearby feature to find people around you that you may want to network with. Finally, Ripple scans the latest news, tweets, and articles from your network to keep you up to date.

It makes sense to trust Tinder with expanding your professional network. If they can get people together personally, then no doubt they can connect people professionally too.

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