Tinder’s New App ‘Ship’ Allows Friends to Choose Dates For You

Tinder is a great app for finding love, or for finding sex, or for finding someone to have a disappointing date with, or just for finding new material for your Twitter threads where you complain about your latest experience with Tinder.

But the biggest flaw in Tinder is the same flaw that has doomed billions of love lives in the past: it leaves the choice of your romantic partner up to you. A very unsatisfactory state of affairs: after all, how on earth can you be trusted to choose a suitable partner?

You can’t, of course, which is why the creators of Tinder have made the extremely savvy move of launching Ship, the app that is like Tinder, but allows you to outsource partner-selection to your most trusted friends. Or at least, the friends who are most eager to get involved in your romantic escapades. Which is probably all of them.

Ship allows the assembly of “crews” of friends, who are able to swipe left or right on behalf of each other. This avoids the stress of making your own decisions and provides the thrill of making someone else’s for them.

Ship could be a revolution in modern dating. The incredible thing is that it’s taken this long to come up with it. There can be no doubt that the last person who should be in charge of your dating activities is you. There can equally be no doubt that it’s far more enjoyable meddling in other people’s love lives than trying to sort out your own.

This is the first app to ever unite these two great truths, and singles the world over will be happier for it.