The Sgnl Wristband Makes Child’s Play the Real Deal

The Sgnl Wristband is a simple invention that mimics child’s play and brings it to life. It can replace any watchband—it’s even compatible with smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or Pebble Time. Once you’re wearing the band, Sgnl connects via Bluetooth with your phone. When you receive a call, just tap the band, hold a finger to your ear, and you’re connected.

sgnl wristband band connects via bluetooth

Here’s how it works. Sgnl receives the voice signal from your phone through Bluetooth and translates that into vibrations through its Body Conduction Unit. That vibration then travels through your wrist, up your hand, and to your fingertip. Actually. When you place your fingertip on your ear, the vibrations are amplified in the enclosed space of your ear. A built-in microphone in the watchband transmits your responses to the conversation back to the phone. Because the signal is via vibrations, your calls are kept completely confidential because only you will be able to hear them. Additionally, Sgnl cuts out background noise, so you can use it in noisy environments without problem.

sgnl wristband band connects via bluetooth with phone

The Sgnl app does more than just take calls. You can also track your activity levels, receive alerts, and even get reminders to call the people most important to you.

Perhaps the best quality of Sgnl though is convenience. How much easier is it to hold your finger to your ear than to dig through pockets or bags and fumble around with a phone? This product ticks all the boxes and has the added factor of being pretty bloody cool.

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sgnl app does more than just take calls

the best quality of sgnl though is convenience

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