Silvon’s New Pillowcase Gives You A Cleaner Sleep

You spend probably ten hours a week with a good friend. Probably forty hours with a close co-worker. Maybe twenty hours with a family member on average. You know who you spend the most time with, face to face, intimately locked together for 50+ hours a week for years on end? Your pillow. It’s true – your pillow is your best friend, your sleeping partner and the one who knows all your secrets. So why not have a clean pillow?

silvon bed set closeup pillowcase

You may be surprised to hear, but it turns out that the pillowcase is actually a breeding ground for bacteria. Using pure natural silver and ultra soft supima cotton, the new Silvon Pillowcase prevents the growth of bacteria on your pillowcase, providing a clean sleeping surface each and every night. Using the same technology as NASA, your pillow can not only be your closest friend, but also your smartest one. Let Silvon clean up your sleep with the new Pillowcase.

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