Simplify Your Smart Home with Logitech POP

POP are simple modern looking buttons that you can strategically place around your home to control almost every smart device. Lighting, music, TV and more. Each switch can be programmed with up to three commands to add creativity and convenience throughout your home. Picture this: You arrive home after a long day at work, ready to watch the next episode of that TV show you’ve been streaming. You have a POP programmed by the couch. With one press of the button the TV and surround sound switch on and the lights dim ready for you to begin. POP is basically a one-button universal remote for the entire home.

logitech pop lifestyle

POP makes it easy to match lighting with lifestyle. Adjust brightness, warmth and colour with ease to set the perfect mood. Each POP is wireless, so you can place one almost anywhere that will be convenient for you. You can even carry it around in your pocket. The starter pack is available for $99.99 with additional POPs available for 39.99 each.

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