Sinn Showcases a Stunner – Sinn 856 B-Uhr Watch

The 856 B-Uhr from Frankfurt-based watchmaker, Sinn, showcases the functionality, durability, readability, precision and reliability of a deck watch. They were established in the military to use for navigation, coordination and scheduling purposes. This 40mm watch is powered by Sellita’s SW300-1, which is an automatic self-winding movement that features a date indicator and stop-seconds function. So no more trips to Mister Minit or other watch repairers for battery replacements, this watch will be working until your time is up. It has a stainless steel case that has been hardened using TEGIMENT technology, which makes it scratch resistant.

sinn 856 b uhr black watch leather strap

Also, the Ar-Dehumidifying technology prevents the watch from fogging up. And for all the watch enthusiasts, on the face, Sinn featured a subtle but functional component in regards to the placement of the hour and minute markers on the dial. The latter takes ascendency over the former as it occupies the outer ring of the dial with a larger display. This is because minutes are the most important measurement of time, where the larger display facilitates the user’s ability to read the time more quickly and accurately.

This tremendous timepiece is thin on the ground, with only 856 available, so make sure you wrap your wrist with this and don’t miss out, or it will be viewed as a sin to some.

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