Sippin’ in Style – Buster & Punch Machined Whisky Set

We all achieve milestones and it involves a celebration with a sip of our favourite alcoholic beverages. It doesn’t matter if it’s some Chivas Regal or Isabella’s Islay, it will look fancy with this Buster & Punch Machined Whisky Set. It features a sculpted plate made from solid brushed steel or brass that includes two hand blown crystal glasses that fit perfectly in the plate. The two types of finishes are just simply stunning. By just casting your eyes on this, it will almost force you to want to drink something fancy. even if it’s a Monday morning. In spite of this set being classified as a ‘whisky set’, I believe it can used for any types of liquor if you’re not a fan of whisky. And when you attain ths set, don’t be a buster, make sure you pour in something that packs a punch. For me, nothing goes past a glass of Patron XO Café on the rocks.

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