Skincare for the Active – Oars + Alps

Let’s be honest here, the modern day man is one who takes care of himself. Gone are the days where personal grooming and maintenance for a man was viewed on the low side of one’s masculinity level. There’s a lot of skincare out there, and it’s difficult to choose which one. We should always take care of our skin, and it only deserves the best. Introducing Oaks + Alps, an innovative and premium skincare company. The key ingredient is Alpine caribou moss sourced from the Arctic Circle in north Finland.

types of oars alps skincare products

The newly released collection consists of a facial cleansing stick, a hydrating 2-in-1 facial moisturiser with eye cream and deodorant. The founders Mia Duchnowski and Laura Cox came up with this product line due to the lack of skincare products that were effective for men with active lifestyles. Thus, the key ingredient of Alpine caribou moss acts as an antioxidant that thrives in harsh conditions and is great at boosting skin elasticity. Products are sold directly to the consumer and there’s an auto refill program that is available to avoid the hassle of constant ordering of refills.

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