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It’s not everyday you encounter travel gear that reminds you of a luxury car. Indeed, the A28 Check Smartcase from Raden Luggage does exactly that. The outside is a smooth, light and sturdy shell. The inside is plush and roomy and even has that “new car” smell. This luggage is smart, too–it includes a built-in phone charger and adjoining app. And those wheels don’t just roll as much they glide across the floor. Heck, if the A28 had two more wheels and a convertible frame, you’d want to shrink yourself down just so you could ride it.

raden luggage side view

Along with a few other brands like Away, Raden is a leading name in the new wave of luggage. By “new wave” we mean luggage that’s smart in both construction and concept. That entails using premium materials that are built to endure, but never rugged in appearance. It also means the ability to weigh your luggage in advance and then check that weight against airline policy. In other words, your days of being excessively gauged could soon be over.

raden luggage cover

We got our hands on an A28 in a lovely shade of Hunter Green and it handles like a champ in every regard. It arrived in a soft outer sleeve that exudes quality at first sight. Slip down that sexy garb to reveal a polycarbonate shell. The shell is smooth to the touch, remarkably light and painstakingly resilient. Such optimal material can duly withstand the harshest treatment no matter how bad a day the luggage handler might be having.

raden luggage takes all these things

Slide the zippers along a frictionless trail before opening the case to unveil a beautiful polyester interior. As mentioned, there’s a palpable and unmistakable “new car” aroma to greet you. Pair that fresh smell with lush, almost pillowy texture and the interior is simply emanating with luxury vibes. The compartments are beyond spacious while double-sided zippers keep the whole operation seamless and unquestionably secure.

raden phone facilities

Of course, what truly separates Raden’s A28 from the standard fare is that it’s “smart” in the modern sense. A side handlebar doubles as a weight sensor. A built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to four full phone charges, and two USB ports enable dual device charging. Sync the luggage with the adjoining app and you can check things like weight or battery charge and even locate the gear within a range of 100 feet.

It’s light. It’s smart. It’s tough. It’s seamless. Raden welcomes you to the new frontier of travel gear.

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raden luggage lock system


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