New Xbox Sport White Controller is Inspired by Sneakers

From August 7, you’ll be able to refresh your gaming setup with this stylish Xbox Wireless Sport White Controller. Officially, this special edition channels the style of athletic clothing and sportswear. Unofficially, it’s suggested Xbox took inspiration from a pair of Nike Airs. Of course, it’s not the only upcoming controller for Xbox. Back in May, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Adaptive Controller for players with handicaps and disabilities.

Sport White Special Edition is the first controller in the new Sport series. It’s an energetic colour palette with mint accents, and grey and silver patterns. The grey rubberised diamond grip on the back of the controller is designed for comfort and will help you stay on target throughout your gaming session.

During a recent episode of Inside Xbox, host Major Nelson unveiled the new controller citing inspiration from sneakers and highlighting the mint and grey colours, just as one of the guests places his eerily similar Nike shoe next to the controller. Whether the Sport White controller is actually inspired by Nike or it was just a coincidence, we’re positive sneaker buffs, and sporting fans will get a kick out of this controller.

xbox controller inspired by sneakers and sport

To coincide with the controller’s release, Microsoft officially licensed the Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand. It’s a premium charger offering a similar sleek design to the controller built with the same high-quality material. Each Xbox Pro Charging Stand comes with a battery cover, rechargeable battery, and 6-foot power cord.

The Xbox Wireless Sport White Controller arrives August 7 at RRP $99.95. You can grab the controller from all major gaming outlets while the charging stand is available online through Controller Gear. For info on new and upcoming games, take a look at our picks for the top releases of July ‘18.

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