Snöblock – The Home Fitness Equipment That Hides in Plain Sight

I know what you’re thinking: Snöblock looks a lot like that setup where martial artists break solid pieces of timber using their hands, feet or head. It’s not. Snöblock is a training table that combines a step board, a plyo box, and a flat bench into the form of a coffee table, to establish what creator Fitwood of Scandinavia has dubbed ‘functional furniture’. Snöblock is designed for speed-strength exercises such as box jumps, lunges, step-ups, leg raises and squats. And when the work-out’s done, place some coasters and a drink down and you’re well on your way to a top night in.

snöblock is crafted using winter hardened
The Snöblock is crafted using winter-hardened, super-strong Finnish birch. Its height is fully customisable in 5cm increments using modular wooden blocks held together with a peg system. Each birch block weighs 3.2kg making them handy substitutes for dumbbells. Fitwood of Scandinavia hasn’t said exactly how much weight the blocks can hold but are promising anything short of a tractor.

women workout in the snöblock
The Bottom line is you are buying useful multipurpose workout equipment that’s attractive and doesn’t take up any extra space.  Snöblock remains hidden in plain sight. Fitwood of Scandinavia is campaigning via Kickstarter right now to find the Snöblock and several other pieces of equipment such as wall bars, an ab roller, massage roller, stretching stick and chin-up bars.

Check it out

 snöblock men doing exercise

men doing exercise in the snöblock

 snöblock women exercise by stick

 snöblock women exercise by dumbbell

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