The Solo 2 is a Minimal Shaving Stand

When you think of items that do well on Kickstarter, it’s usually new pieces of interesting tech, watches, perhaps a movie. Or of course, potato salad. However one product that you wouldn’t normally think would get the masses fired up is a razor stand and toothbrush holder. The Solo 2 Stand is aggressively disproving that sentiment, as it has already surpassed the funding goal by over 50% and is getting consumers very excited for the ship date.

solo design product

If you think about the Solo 2 as a design product, the excitement makes more sense. The Solo 2 is a solid metal stand that holds and displays your toothbrush, razor, or other grooming tool. It looks great and will immediately class up any bathroom on day one. The team has improved over their first release with a few new features which make a big difference. The Solo 2 is made of a heavier zinc alloy, and its hefty 5.0 ounces make it a sturdy piece. Additionally, the design has been refined to fit more items, and the whole thing is designed to never retain water. Hop on Kickstarter now to grab it for a great price.

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