Sotheby’s Helps You Cheat a Full Collection with the Supreme Archive Auction

Supreme has slapped its logo on just about every product imaginable–seriously, it would be a lifetime’s work to find all those things and add them to your collection—so why not cheat a little and pick up all of them at once? Sotheby’s is getting ready to auction off a private collection of almost every Supreme accessory ever produced.

Sotheby’s Supreme

The Supreme Vault: 1998-2018 is the work of US-based collector Yukio Takahashi. Takahashi has been picking up everything that Supreme has been selling over the years, creating a timeline for the company that started in 1994 as a skateboarding and fashion shop in downtown New York City. Since those humble beginnings, Supreme has become a global brand and has branched into many different markets, including sports, design, and music.

Sotheby’s Supreme electric bike

The collection even features some of the rarest and hardest-to-find pieces, like the Stern Pinball machine, the Everlast boxing series (including the heavy bag), and the Coleman Motorbike. The collection consists of over 1,000 pieces in a range of prices. The collection is being offered with no reserve, and you can pick items up in either group lots or in single lots.

If buying isn’t on the agenda, then you can still see the whole collection when it goes on exhibition May 24-18 in the HART Hall in Hong Kong.

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Sotheby’s Supreme key chain

Sotheby’s Supreme bowl

Sotheby’s Supreme auction