Spice Up Your Evening With Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye

A whisky more suited to the true connoisseurs out there, we introduce Jack Daniel’s ‘Rested Tennessee Rye’. A follow up on their contentious 2012 release ‘Unaged Rye’, the whisky aims to provide a glimpse into the maturing process and give aficionado’s a taste of what’s to come down the track.

Having spent just 2 years in oak barrels, the whisky is still considered an adolescent in terms of American blends, with a pale amber colour and notes of vanilla, cherry and caramel on the nose. On the palate, the opening is surprisingly warm and gentle, while the mid notes truly pack a spicy punch (think black pepper, star anise with a burnt, nutty accent). The end notes however leave a little to be desired, with an underlying sharpness perhaps a little too hot for those who want a drink they can enjoy through their evening wind down.

All in all, for those looking for a comforting night cap or something to warm the belly heading into winter, this probably isn’t the one for you. However for the true fanatics and purists out there, it provides an interesting insight into the development stages of the whisky, as well as a little sneak peek into future offerings from JD.

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