Splendour In The Grass – Surviving a 3 Day Music Festival

Splendour in the Grass is a three day music festival which will see a host of world class music acts converge upon the stages of Byron Bay, NSW. Whether camping on-site or opting for the fancier option of renting a nearby house or apartment, a lot can happen during 3 days of revelling and this dream weekend can turn into a nightmare without the right preparation. But not to worry, here’s a few of our tips that will help guarantee a splendid Splendour in the Grass and avoid disaster and disappointment.

Have a Plan

splendour a plan

With so many acts, running for three days and across 12 stages, a plan is a must if you want to make the most of the festival. If you haven’t got a super-organised friend who has already created a detailed timetabled schedule, I suggest taking a look at set times to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your favourite artists.

Telstra Live Stream

So you missed out on a ticket? Couldn’t get off work? Have no fear, Telstra has you covered with their inaugural live stream of the event. Head to Telstra.com/music to enjoy live tunes belted out by headliners including Blur, Royal Blood, Of Monsters and Men, Peking Duk and Jarryd James. The stream will kick off on Sunday 26th July from 5pm. Hosted by James Matheson, Jane Gazzo and Ella Hooper it will also offer exclusive behind the scenes access to some of the artists.

Check out Splendour In The Grass TV


Protection From The Elements

protection from the elements
Image vi Le Specs

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t be shining (or so we hope). Be sure to bring along your hat, a pair of trusty sunglasses and don’t forget a regular application of sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than constant glare or nasty lobster-like sunburn to ruin your weekend.

When the sun drops, so too does the temperature. Although a mosh pit may keep you toasty for a while, the night will be a long one if you haven’t got a warm clothes and blankets to curl up into when the music stops.

splendour people walking in the mud

Last but not least, a poncho is a must. The Byron Bay sky can turn from bluebird to dark and stormy in the blink of an eye. Any truly dedicated music fan remains undeterred even in face of a torrential downpour, so a couple of $2 ponchos will go a long way.

Water and Snacks

splendour festival water

A no brainer really, but H2O is nothing to laugh about when three days of music, excitement and gyrating dance moves are involved. Be sure to stash a big bottle of water and know where to go to fill it up again. Knocking back a few beers is a given, but a bit of water will go a long way in keeping you upright for every Splendorous act of the festival.

Nourishment is important, and the glorious, over-priced meals from the food vans are great. But if you want a bit of money left in your wallet by the end of the weekend, or an quick energy hit when meandering around the campsite, we recommend taking some snacks along with you.

A Way To Recharge

a way to recharge
Solartab charger

This one works on a number of a levels. The obvious one being to get some sleep in between days to ensure you’ve got the energy to keep up with 12 straight hours of jamming each day. We suggest taking along your favourite pillow to make things a little more comfortable, particularly if you are camping.

In a more technological sense, we’re all slaves to our electronic devices and a dead phone is a nightmare that many of us wouldn’t survive. If you forget your charger, Telstra has your back with mobile chargers available to their customers, along with 30min Wi-Fi sessions at three key locations across the Festival grounds. Don’t forget the Telstra store on-site that is open between 9.30am and 4pm each day of the event.

Be In The Moment

splendour people playing in the mud

While a plan is great to have, at some point it’s inevitable that it’ll all go out the window. Be flexible, go with the flow and enjoy the experience and embrace the craziness and the people you are with.

Check out Splendour In the Grass TV, Brought to You by Telstra