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Are You a Genius? Spot the Cash in this Optical Illusion in Less than 32 Seconds to Set New Record

Many believe electronic devices are a giant distraction, and this latest tech-inspired optical illusion is no different. However, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, put your brain to the test by attempting to locate the hidden cash in this newly made image. In light of how much technology we all own these days, MusicMagpie has created a mind-melting search-and-find puzzle to encourage people to trade in their old tech products for money. Similar to our other favourites like spot the daisy or spot the butterfly, you could be an elite brainteaser genius if you can find the stack of bills in under 32 seconds.

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Can you spot the hidden stack of cash among the scattered devices?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got an old box somewhere in your house filled with old gadgets. A typical modern phenomenon, MusicMagpie released data suggesting the average U.K. house has over $600 worth of old devices lurking around their homes. So instead of collecting dust, why not turn that old gear into cold hard cash? But before you do that, let’s see if you can find the hidden cash among all the wires and tech gadgets in their latest optical illusion (see above). Break out the stopwatch (or modern tech equivalent) and time yourself.

Scattered about the brainteaser are green iPods, styluses and headphones, making it difficult to find the same coloured cash. In fact, the puzzle is so hard only 70 per cent of participants can locate the hidden money in under 45 seconds. However, if you’re a search-and-find tech geek who can spot the cash in under 32 seconds, you’ll lay claim to the new record. If you’re still struggling, may we suggest sending your attention to the left side of the image. Ready to give up? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer.

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The money was cleverly hidden behind a green wire

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