State Bicycle’s Rutherford: An Extremely Stylish Commuter Bike

We feature a number of high quality bikes on Man of Many, as there are simply just a ton of great options out there. Between mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes and more, the market seems to have something for everyone. Personally, I prefer simplicity when riding a bike to and from work. When it comes to bike choice, I have a set of simple, key goals – to be comfortable, to get to work on time, to ride smoothly for city exploration, and of course, to look good. As I searched around the internet for an upgrade from my worn down bike of the past, I kept coming back to State Bicycle for some of their fixed gear/single speed options. While these aren’t ideal for the high-octane rider who is trying to burn down the city streets, the bikes are perfect for someone with my needs. One look at the stylish designs is enough to catch the eye, and I was keen to find out if the performance matched.

State 2

What exactly are those needs? Here’s a quick primer of my specific situation. Living in Boston, MA presents a few unique city challenges. There is no parking anywhere, so biking is a great alternative. There is also bad traffic, so staying nimble while riding is important. Lastly, there is plenty of cool real estate to explore along the Charles River, the Boston Harbour or heading off into neighbouring areas. This places a premium on comfort as you roll around the city. I went with the Rutherford bike from State Bicycle due to its simplicity, high quality design, ease of construction and (in my opinion which you should agree with) great style. For seeing the city and getting from point A to point B, the Rutherford seemed to fit everything I was looking for.

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The design of this bike is as sleek as they come. With a deep blue frame, cream coloured wheels, a silver drivetrain and plenty of customisations available, it simply looks great. Friends will come by my apartment and they always comment on the new beauty sitting by the entrance. As is standard with State, I was able to throw in a few customisations during the ordering process, ending with the selection of riser bars and a water bottle cage. The bike shipped quickly, arriving in about a week, ready for my assembly. One tip: State says to have it professionally assembled, and I’m sure that’s a great idea. However if you want to go at it alone, that is certainly doable – with a few basic tools and the internet, I was able to make it through and construct the bike perfectly in a few hours. After seeing my masterpiece, I couldn’t wait to hop on the next morning.

State 4

Since that point, I have been riding the bike daily to work, and have taken leisure rides on the weekends. My pal Rutherford always produces a smooth ride, although some of the cobblestones around Boston don’t always agree with the thin tires. The bike is super light, as simple as they come to use, and stands out from a style perspective. The stock parts are all of high quality and I see no current need to make any swaps. I’m loving riding the bike every day, and for anyone looking to upgrade their commute game, State Bicycle provides plenty of great options beyond the Rutherford. I plan to use it for as long as I can and would highly recommend the brand to anyone on the prowl for an upgrade. In the meantime, keep an eye out for me around Boston and feel free to holler if you find yourself distracted by my extremely attractive… bike.

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