Steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar Watch from Patek Philippe

Patek Philipe has a reputation among watch collectors for the intricate way that their watches present information. The new Steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar takes the path of presenting even more information, adding the week of the year to the watch. In order to present that information, Patek had to make a few decisions. For starters, Patek opted to treat Monday as the first day of the week rather than Sunday.

They also selected the week containing January 4 as the first week of the year. The watch face shows 53 on the week indicator of the inner ring to account for those years that have an extra week (2020 will be one such year).

Steel Calatrava Weekly calendar watch

Being able to track the week of the year meant having to modify Patek’s caliber 324, creating the new 26-330 caliber. That new mechanism required more space than the 324, so the Calatrava measures 1.5mm thicker than the previous model, coming in at 4.82mm thick. Patek also took a swing at the self-winding mechanism to improve its efficiency and longevity. Operating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, the watch has a power reserve that lasts somewhere between 35 to 45 hours.

weekly calendar watch

The watch is called “steel” for a reason, with the case being made of steel. The dial is made of a silver opine, continuing that metallic look. The lettering of the watch is actually modelled after the designer’s own handwriting. The watch is priced at 29,500 CHF.

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steel calatrava watch

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Steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar Watch