Step Up Your Strokes with the Motionize Virtual Kayaking Coach

Be superior in the water with the help from Motionize SUP paddle sensor. It’s your own personal coach. It will help you paddle faster and further as it monitors your stroke count, SPM and DPS. The SPM oversees the number of strokes per minute, while DPS tracks your paddling efficiency with distance covered per stroke.

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It also tracks your heart rate and calorie burn rate for healthier and more efficient training sessions. The most intriguing feature is the audio feedback, which is a motivational tool to keep you going longer and get better results according to your personal goals. This paddle sensor will also show the angle with which the paddle enters the water to maximise your positive stroke length to improve your technique. It is compatible and easily installed on all paddle and board types and is the only product in today’s market to provide instant feedback to users about their stroke. It’s your own personal paddle coach, minus the regular session fees.

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