Stop the Embarrassment with the Aesop x A.P.C. Post-Poo Drops

If your quiet time in the bathroom is beginning to cause a rift between you and the beloved, or perhaps you simply want to avoid embarrassing yourself when guests are over, then this might be the answer for you. Aesop in a luxury skincare brand on a global scale with cult favorites like their parsley seed line and many more. They focus on harmony and the natural approach to skincare and health overall. So it is little surprise they would collaborate with A.P.C to produce a product that is both of the highest quality but also completely practical. The result is Post Poo Drops. The oil blend is dropped into the toilet after use, or the basin to enchant following bathroom guests, and notes of crisp citrus cut through any unpleasantness to be replaced with the more floral notes. The lady in your life will thank you, a lot.

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many types of aesop post poo drop