Study Reveals Dating Apps Often Lead to Steroid Abuse

Dating it seems is almost exclusively done through apps these days, but there’s a hidden danger that you may not be aware of with those apps. A recent study reports that there may be an association between dating apps and eating disorders.

In the study, researchers took a look at how dating apps might contribute to six unhealthy weight control behaviours—fasting, use of diet pills, use of laxatives, self-induced vomiting, use of muscle-building supplements, and even the use of anabolic steroids. The study surveyed over 1,700 adults and showed that compared with those who do not use dating apps, those that do are significantly more likely to use these weight control behaviours.

The research in part attributes this phenomenon to body image dissatisfaction, something that previous studies have already established as being a risk for dating app users. The study showed that across all demographics—sex, age, orientation—dating app users resorted to these weight control behaviours more to control how they would look in their profiles.

The uptake from this report is that many people at risk of physical and mental health outcomes could avoid those problems by employing healthy weight control behaviours, or by avoiding dating apps.

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