A Rural Fire Brigade Fireman in front of a large bushfire

Stunning Images Capture the Harsh Reality of the NSW Bushfires

With the vast majority of New South Wales issued with a ‘Catastrophic’ fire warning, the seriousness of the situation might be lost on those sitting pretty in Sydney. As families across northern NSW evacuate their homes, there are a number of photographers capturing truly evocative images of the fires.

One of these photographers is Martin Van Stoll. A Diamond Beach local, Martin’s Instagram account @stoll_photography is awash with pictures of the blaze and the aftermath that follows the fire. Typifying the sheer scale and terror of the Bushfires, this is just a singular perspective of the terrible fires that continue to tear through our state.

In such a horrific time for communities, it may seem like there is nothing you can do to help. The safest option will always be to stay as far away from impacted areas as possible, but you can support in the form of a donation to the Salvation Army’s disaster appeal.

Little donations go a long way to support the emergency services and families across the state.

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Alex de Crespigny

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