Svørn Creates Ordinary Objects Bound for Greatness

Svørn is transforming mundane accessories that barely make the radar into fashion necessities while enriching and de-cluttering your life at the same time. The European design firm builds sturdy carabiners, pendants and money clips to ensure those day to day transactions are handled in style. Each time the money clip comes out of your pocket its striking chrome-plated brass design exudes masculinity and will draw gazes from all across the room. This luxurious money clip will hold up to 25 folded bills, eliminating the bulk of wallets.

svørn creates ordinary objects bound

Crafted from Zinc Alloy, the carabiner is light as a feather and won’t add unnecessary weight to your normal carrying load, while its carefully selected size will prevent the infamous bulky pants pocket. Plus there’s also the added security to consider. The pendant necklace is Svørn’s take on one of the most primal shapes known to man, a predator’s fang. To avoid making another predictable version, Svørn applied unique sculptural qualities accentuated by a size that is commanding, but also elegant.

svørn black color

To protect the intriguing colour from the hardships of everyday use, Svørn applied an environmentally-friendly process called Physical Vapor Deposition, the same process employed in the watchmaking industry, adding superior robustness and durability to the finish and composition. Free global shipping on orders over $75 for your online shopping convenience.

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svørn nice color

svørn box

svørn dollar

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