Sweater Selfies Guy Knits His Way Around the World

Just to confirm, you did read that correctly. A man knitted his way through the world, literally. We see that has an extreme sense of dedication, patience and skill. For the past 17 years, Sam Barsky has knit sweaters that showcase all the beautiful scenery he has seen around the world. This includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Stonehenge and Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

sweater selfies men and women laughing

But what Barsky has done to take the social media world by storm with over a million hits on numerous websites, are the selfies he has taken in front of a scene with the corresponding sweater. He has created 100 handmade sweaters, but says that the limitation is that it takes a month to make a sweater. This is a guy that truly represents, “Doing what you want to do.” He enjoys creating and replicating things he sees. And landmarks are his source of artistic inspiration.

sweater selfies men standing on the road

For his next project, Barsky is going to knit a Groundhog Day sweater that obviously features a groundhog. Also, he has a side project that consists of a Martin Luther King sweater that he hopes to be completed by the civil rights leader’s birthday. He understands that the increasing popularity of his artistry has resulted in a flooding of requests. However, he’s not up to fulfilling those requests, as he wants to continue his own artistic direction that achieved him fame.

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