Swig Loud Swig Proud – Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary Whiskey

This year marks Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary which is cause for celebration. Instead of cracking open your shelved black label, a limited edition bottle of Tennessee whiskey has been released to mark this occasion. Hitting shelves back in September, this special bottle brings together all of the touches and attention to detail throughout the barrelling and maturing process that makes this Whiskey worthy of the milestone. The master distillers and barrel coopers have given it their all to produce possibly the best limited run whisky yet.

jack daniels whiskey bottle and cover

First off, the Coopers slow-toasted the barrels to bring out the rich flavours and aromas of the wood. The aim was to channel those 1866 vibes with an added contemporary twist. The result is a delicious and complex whisky barrelled and bottled at 100 proof. The 150th Anniversary Whisky is a product that collectors will want on their shelves, and whisky connoisseurs will want a few fingers for a taste of history in the making. If you were lucky enough to snag a bottle, you can register it at the Jack Daniels website.

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