Tamdhu Releases Rare 50-Year-Old Whisky

Famed distillery Tamdhu was established in the Speyside Whisky region back in 1896. In 2010, this iconic distillery was briefly shuttered, and the plant was closed down. Most of the distillery’s fans expected that it would remain gone forever. However, Ian Macleod purchased the distillery a year later. They began production again in 2013.

To celebrate the rebirth of Tamdhu and its 120th anniversary, owner Ian Macleod recently released a 50-year-old Tamdhu single malt. So far, this is the brand’s oldest bottling.

tamdhu releases rare whisky bottle

Had the distillery remained closed, 120 years of expertise and 50 years of maturation that went into making the Tamdhu 50-year-old would have been for nothing. Ian Macleod Distillers is proud to be able to share this extraordinary whisky with the world.

The Tamdhu 50-year-old malt was matured in a European oak Sherry butt. The nose has notes of dark chocolate, orange and forest fruits. The palate consists of flavours of espresso, liquorice, cloves and baked apples. The finish provides a combination of ginger, maple syrup, cocoa and walnuts.

tamdhu releases rare whisky bottom

The distillery is celebrating the 50-year-old malt with a unique decanter to show its significance. This decanter was designed by several top British craftsmen. Royal Brierley, a famed crystal expert and Katy Holford, who is a well-known glass designer, helped in the design. Silversmiths with famed jewellers Hamilton & Inches also contributed to the design.

tamdhu whisky bottle sip

A solid stained oak canister that is embellished with pure sterling silver carefully holds each decanter. The oak canister features the distillery’s signature Sherry casks, a Victorian railroad station and a rendering of the distillery’s location on the River Spey.

There will be just 100 bottles of this special edition malt released to the public. Each has a strength at 55.6 percent ABV.

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