The Teforia Leaf Is a Smart Tea Infuser

There is nothing that tastes better on a hot summer day—other than a cold beer—than a refreshing glass of iced sweet tea. Tea is also one of the healthiest things that you can drink. It is full of antioxidants. The problem is that brewing the perfect cup of tea is not always easy. To preserve the maximal antioxidants from tea, you must brew it the right temperature and let it steep for the correct length of time.

teforia classic tea infuser

The California tea brand Teforia released an infuser that makes it easy to brew the perfect cup of tea anytime. The Teforia Tea Leaf is an award-winning infuser that prepares tea to its optimal state by providing the perfect tea to leaf ratio, temperature, steep time and the number of infusions. This brings out the very best from the tea regarding both taste and antioxidants.

teforia classic tea

The Tea Leaf is similar to a Keurig but for tea. It works with Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription service called “Sips”. These artisanal teas are some of the highest-quality on the Earth. Unlike most Keurig pods, Teforia’s capsules are fully recyclable and 90 percent compostable. If you prefer extra caffeine, you can boost caffeine levels with just the touch of a button.

No one likes brown tea stains on their pitcher —which is why Teforia’s Tea Leaf Infuser comes with a stain resistant, easy-to-clean handmade glass carafe.

teforia tea infuser white

The Teaforia Tea Leaf even has some smart capabilities. Wireless connectivity allows it to stay up-to-date with the latest recipes. Teforia has an app for the Leaf Infuser that lets you meet tea farmers, explore some of the rarest teas in the world and connect with other tea lovers.

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