The Terrain Marshmallow Twig Roaster is Great for S’mores

There is no better way to end a camping trip than with a fire and s’mores. These treats are fire-friendly, tasty and fun to make for both kids and adults alike. You know how to make them—layer your graham cracker with chocolate and toasted marshmallows and top with another graham cracker. You can toast the marshmallows the old fashioned way—with a twig that you find on the ground. But, that is kinda gross and who wants to scour the woods at night looking for a stick? Plus, it isn’t entertaining when the stick burns up in the fire along with your marshmallow. So, why not upgrade your campfire or firepit with a tool designed to give you perfectly toasted marshmallows for your s’mores?

marshmallow twig roaster traditional wooden sticks

The Marshmallow Twig Roaster by Terrain is a sophisticated take on the traditional wooden stick. You can roast your marshmallows to perfection at once with this whimsical roaster. It can hold several marshmallows at one time – which’ll keep the kids from fighting over who gets to roast their marshmallow first.

marshmallow twig roaster fireproof

The Marshmallow Twig Roaster is fireproof, which is convenient as you won’t have to worry about it getting charred in the fire. It is constructed out of steel and wood, which makes it exceptionally sturdy and well-made so you can count on it lasting for several years.

marshmallow twig roaster ready easy

It addition to marshmallows, you can use this roaster to cook hot dogs over the fire. It is easy to clean in between uses—simply hand wash, and you are ready to go.

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marshmallow roasted get ready

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