The Quiet Man 8 Year Old Single Malt a Smooth Homage

While the French, Australian, Indian, Japanese and Italian whisky distilleries (amongst a sea of others) are all leading a movement of modern momentum and setting new trends in malt, grain and rye-based sippers, it’s oft forgotten than many of the practices still used today in whisky / whiskey production worldwide hark back to the pioneering distillers of Ireland, a place that still produces some of the most consistent spirits on the market. ‘An Fear Ciuin’ or ‘The Quiet Man’, if your Gaelic isn’t quite up to craic, is the baby of Irish distiller Ciaran Mulgrew, who’s named his new whiskey after his father John, a Belfast bartender of fifty years with a notoriety for keeping his cards close to his chest and the secrets of others’ safe and sound. Finished in bourbon barrels, this 8-year-old single malt is the big brother to its blended counterpart in the range and displays great complexity with cedar and citrus on the nose and fruit and spice on the palate, whilst retaining the classic smooth finish synonymous with Irish whiskey.

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