The Retro Arcade Machine X is Gaming, Only Smaller

The App Store is full of retro games that channel those 80s vibes but without a cabinet and joystick, they can’t truly recreate an arcade experience. The Retro Arcade Machine X wants to bring that feeling back, just on a smaller scale. Standing at slightly under 6” tall, the Retro X features 300 built-in games from all genres to take you back to simpler times. Although unlike a smartphone, the Retro X may not fit in your pocket. If it does, just be weary of the joystick jabbing you in sensitive areas.

Puzzle, strategy, racing, action, combat, and sports games are all there, playable with the 4-way joystick and A & B buttons perfectly suited for jumping, hopping, climbing ladders, and dropping bombs. No Roms or downloads are required. Simply insert 3x AAA batteries and your good to game anywhere. The 2.5” screen displays glorious 16-bit graphics while the rear speaker blasts chip-tunes with four volume settings.

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