The Sky is no Longer the Limit with Airbus Private Jet Cabins

The Airbus a330 and a350 Private Jet Cabins are now being offered with what is being billed as “the comfort and space of a wide body cabin with the practicality to suit long flights.” What does that mean? It means that you can take the comfort of home with you on those long flights.

airbus private jet cabin airbus holographic globe view

The first surprise of the Private Jet Cabins comes in the entryway, where a holographic globe that updates with the jet’s position greets passengers as they come aboard. From there you can choose to either head to the master bedroom, office, and bedroom on the left or go right to the onboard lounge. In the lounge, chairs, benches, and tables are arranged to maximize socializing. An inflight bar doubles as a coffee nook. Beyond the lounge is a meeting space, complete with a conference table.

airbus private jet cabin private bar area cabin

Accommodations start with a master suite, but includes four VIP guest suites as well. Each suite features an office that converts to a bedroom. The bathroom includes a shower as well to freshen up before landing.

airbus private jet cabin luxury chair coach

The support staff has seating in the back of the cabin where the galley is also located.

The point, as you might imagine, of such a plane is to take the drudgery out of long flights. But there’s also a productivity component. There’s no reason why lost long hours on a plane couldn’t be used for productive meetings, especially in one of these jets.

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