The Speedvagen GTFO Bike is Here to Give You More

The Speedvagen GTFO is dedicated and designed with a purpose. With the intent of wrenching every drop of excitement out of life, the GTFO is made to be ridden and experienced between the lines. Whether you’re on a weekend bike ride, a day long gravel cruise, or a woodsy adventure, the GTFO can get the job done.

speedvagen gtfo bike riverbank

Made from the latest technology on the market, the GTFO has a new steel frame that revolutionizes the biking industry. This carbon-steel amalgam allows for the perfect blend of structure, security, and utility. By retaining the strength of a heavy metal, but the practicality of a plastic, the reinforced frame allows for operation never before possible of a bike this durable. With ultra-sturdy inner tubes, a reinforced body, and a feather-light build, the GTFO is something we’ve never seen.

For such a complex machine, realizing this Speedvagen only sports one speed may be a shock. But it makes sense; single speeds are simple, easy to operate, and up to any task, no matter the terrain. The single speed composition of this bike acts a great microcosm of what the entire design is supposed to be; rugged simplicity that exceeds expectations. This bike has plenty of features, but no superfluous bells and whistles. It flaunts performance and minimalistic design, instead of getting too cute.

The ultimate utilitarian ride, the GTFO Speedvagen is something quite different.

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