The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board

If you lack the grace or indeed stability of seasoned paddle boarders, The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board will do it’s best to give you both. A simple yet very difficult exercise, paddle boarding is all the rage these days and when done right makes you looker cooler than Jesus himself when he walks on water.

weekender inflatable paddle board folding

The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board takes a whole lot of stress out paddle boarding and makes doing it right infinitely easier. Not only is this board made out of military grade PVC to make it just about indestructible when things do go wrong, its inflatable design makes it one of the most stable paddle boards on the market. Ideal for all skill types, this paddle board is also very portable, capable of being rolled up and packaged when the waters get a little too rough for paddle boarding. A lightweight aluminium paddle is also included to ensure you never literally get stuck up creek without a paddle.

Ever dreamt of being a silky smooth paddle boarder? Well dream no more with The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board.

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