The Woolsey Pool Wall Rack Makes Any Pool Hall Elegant

The Woolsey Pool Wall Rack is meant to accompany Woolsey’s pool table, but it’s handsome enough that it can stand on its own just fine. Made from American black walnut, the joinery features maple splines and blackened brass dowels that add that finishing touch. The angled door not only displays the stunning grain of the walnut, it also shows off your pool cues and an exclusive pro ball set. The interior is lined with the same black felt that Woolsey uses for their tables. The cues are available from Woolsey as well—each is a premium fiberglass cue stick that you can select the length for. Or, if you already have a collection, you can store six cues in the rack. The rack also comes with a black bridge and black chalk. Finally, a custom-made wood triangle, which has the same maple spines as the rack, finishes off the collection.

pool wall rack with balls

Sean Woolsey is based out of Southern California, where he focuses on designing and crafting projects that are almost as much art as they are furniture. After a youth of taking things apart to see how they worked, a few classes, and an apprenticeship, Woolsey opened his own shop in 2011. His love of the craft is evident in each piece he creates, and the Pool Wall Rack is just more proof of his passion.

Check it out

edge view woolsey pool rack

whole view woolsey wall rack

full view pool wall rack

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