This 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy Coupe is a Certified Match

Sotheby’s has a rare treasure on auction—a Ferrari Classiche certified, fully matching numbers 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy Coupe. This car, chassis number 08497, is of particular note because of its unique set up. Built as a late production model, the 275 has a long-nose body. It was also equipped with a torque-tube driveshaft. But the uniqueness of this car continues from there. It was outfitted from new with aluminum coachwork—an option usually ordered by those looking to use the car in competition. It was supposed to receive the six-carburetor set up, but instead kept the triple carburetor set up, making it one of only four alloy-bodied, torque-tube, long-nose 275GTBs. The interior is also very unique. The Ferrari was fitted with full leather seats. Originally, those seats were Bianco Polo over a Nero interior.

full view vintage ferrari

Such a rare build specification makes this Ferrari a true stand out in any collection. The car swapped hands a number of times, traveling through Bergamo to go to Turin before being imported to the U.S. It went from an owner in Washington down to California before returning to Europe in 1989. Its return voyage started in Bergamo, then to Sweden, where it was granted its Ferrari Classiche certification which is only given to fully numbers matching cars. The car was then brought back to the U.S., where it is today.

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steering wheel and chair view ferrari car

upholstery view 1966 vintage ferrari

wheel 1966 ferrari car

engine view vintage 1966 ferrari

ferrari 1966 front view car

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