This Georgia Cove House is More than Meets the Eye

This is not your average dream home. This 2.2-acre and 6500 square-foot home in East Hampton, New York is something irregular. A couple with property on a cove, overlooking the ocean, came to bates + masi, asking for a house that would be comfortable for just the two of them to enjoy but leave enough space to facilitate their love of entertaining.

georgia cove house yard side view

To ensure that the peace and serenity that is provided by the surrounding environment, careful considerations were taking when determining what building material to use and what style of home should be built. Eventually, a pastoral setting and vernacular building traditions including shingle-style homes, were chosen as the inspiration and a “connected farm,” design was selected. This style of home utilizes many different rooms and structures as individual settings, but all culminate to deliver a one-of-a-kind living experience.

historic architecture of georgia cove house

Maybe what is most impressive about this design is the repurposing of the historic architecture in such a way that serves the couple well. It is one thing to create a beautiful home, it is another to construct a piece of art that is functional and comfortable to live in. This home is an expression of architecture and the instantiation of brilliant ergonomic design.

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